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Emma Rapp

Emma Rapp

Here we go again folks! Most of you know I just stepped into a big new role with the organization that I love, Director of Advancement. You already thought I was in fundraising at Outward Bound and now I actually am! Not only do we train and nurture leadership in our students every day, but we do that with the people that work here. I am a product of that coaching, mentoring, and standard of excellence that is infused in the organizational culture. I am forever changed by my 6 years at OBCA and am excited and intimidated by the work ahead.

That theme pulls through for this event! This is our 6th year doing the rappel and I've been very involved with this event since we first took it on in 2013. In our adult lives we often forget to push ourselves, test our limits, put ourselves in the shoes of others. Each year I see over 100 local folks do that along-side me and it is incredibly inspiring every time.

This year I'm teaming up with my dear friend Maggie Lyons Weller as she says goodbye after working here for 13 years. We are putting a team together to raise $1,000 for every year she changed lives leading and then directing our programs. If you want to join in just register and pick our team to join.

If you plan to keep your feet on the ground, any amount you can donate will help young people from our community get outside to challenge themselves, practice compassionate leadership, and connect with their peers. Every bit helps!

In Community,

About Outward Bound California (OBCA):
OBCA is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery. Through experiential education programs in both wilderness and urban settings, Outward Bound helps people discover strength of character, an ability to lead, and a desire to serve. Outward Bound California targets low-income, traditionally excluded populations from the outdoors industry by providing two in three of their students with a full or partial scholarship to participate in our programs. For more information, visit obca.org.


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Go Emma! Have a blast! Thanks for all the amazing things you do for OBCA! Let's catch up soon! Amy Jacobs
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Happy Birthday Emma! I am so proud of you and the work you do <3
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