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David Mahoney

David Mahoney

Well. despite turning 65 this year I have apparently not yet found any wisdom as I am once more going to strap on a harness and hang my rear end off of 46 story SF Hilton. Yes, Outward Bound California's annual high-rise fundraising event is back!

As in the past few years, all of the donations I raise through this insanity will be dedicated to supporting a transformative Outward Bound California experience for returning female veterans. The word "transformative" is thrown around lightly (especially by my friends in Silicon Valley) but in this case it is accurate. The feedback and course reports from the past year's programs are astounding. If the experiences these women have been through can be put into perspective and they can be supported in their transition by the skilled team at OBCA, the least I can do is jump off a building to help fund it.

Winn and I will be matching donations dollar for dollar again this year. And, again this year, I will have to turn down all offers to come up on the building and "help" rig my harness (looking at you, Cusack).

And for those of you in SF, you can come downtown Friday November 1 and see if I make it to the ground at a controlled rate of speed.

Thank you,



raised of $20,000 goal

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Pleased to have David represent us (again!) in support of Outward Bound California's commitment to transform lives.
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