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David Mahoney

David Mahoney

They say that all good things come to an end. Well, it seems that is true for crazy things as well. With my 70th birthday looming in the near future, I have decided this will be my last rodeo jumping off tall buildings. It will finally be time to turn the game over to the next generation, including my daughter and son-in-law. Given that the wedding is just two days later, going over the edge of the Grand Hyatt Union Square 36 stories up will help keep my mind off the father of the bride speech.

In past years, I have directed the funds raised to specific projects, including the awesome veterans programs OBCA runs at Joshua Tree. As the many of you who have served on non-profit boards know, however, the most valuable dollars any organization receives are unrestricted funds. So this year, I am not putting any constraints on where your generosity goes. Your contributions will go where OBCA needs them most, to ensure access for youth from communities traditionally excluded from outdoor opportunities. Through both wilderness and urban programs, OBCA has proven it can help these students discover strength of character, an ability to lead, and a desire to serve.

As always, Winn (rooting from the safety of the lounge) and I will match any contributions dollar for dollar up to our target. Thank you all for being with me on this journey, many of you since 2014.

Gratefully yours,



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