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Ben Stevens

Ben Stevens

I'm excited to be raising money for Outward Bound California, because as a mentor at Summer Search, I have seen first-hand over the last 6 years the impact its program has on young people's lives. Every dollar raised for OBCA is a dollar that helps put joy, discovery, courage, beauty, connection and dedication back into the world, where it matters most for the future: our youth.

I have fond memories of a shy young woman I mentored who, in just two weeks with OBCA, found a new group of friends who helped her see inner strengths just waiting to be found, and who returned with a new chord of power in her voice. That self-discovery came as a surprise to her, but what really transformed her self-image was becoming the first in her co-ed group of 12 to complete the obstacle-course-come-orienteering final challenge. When she returned home, her wonderment at the might of whom she could become was palpable, and a privilege to be a part of. She was one of 12 youth on that trip, who were mutually developing one another, and their adult leaders, while connecting deeply with the Earth. And she is just one of hundreds whom OBCA creates this experience for.

OBCA is committed to offering equitable access to the refuge and adventure that wilderness travel can offer, but which is actually pretty damn expensive and exclusive to access. Every 2 out of 3 youth in their program receive a full or partial scholarship to experience the beauty of the California outdoors, and the empowering lessons of the Outward Bound leadership course... And that money has to come from somewhere!

This is where you and I come in. I am pushing myself outside my own comfort zone - just like Summer Search students do on their trips - and I'm hoping you will too. While I challenge myself to rappel 46 stories off a building (much as OBCA youth do on rock faces across California), I'm asking you to also push yourself outside your comfort zone...

If you think you could give $5, you can give $10! If you're thinking $25, get a little uncomfortable and give $40. My goal is to raise $1300 in 6 days, which is for sure also outside my comfort zone, but I know we can get there together - and I've kicked it off by throwing in the first $250, which, you guessed it, is also a little uncomfortable.

I’m doing this because I believe growth comes from leaving our comfort zones, and that doing so within a supportive community is uniquely empowering; OBCA creates that perfect environment for growth and connection. Whether you can donate money, or just some words of encouragement, I'm grateful to be in community with you, and to be sharing this personal challenge with you.


raised of $1,300 goal

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Very proud of your service, Ben -- thank you for helping youth become all they can be. Love you, Aunt Kay
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