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Help James Help Outward Bound!

James Frank

James Frank

On October 13th, I'll be rappelling off the 46th floor of the Hilton San Francisco at Union Square while Jess watches in terror with the kids from inside. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I do know why I'm doing it- it's for a good cause.

In my early 20's I considered working for Outward Bound, but I wimped out. When I heard about this fundraiser, it hit me that a one-time controlled descent off a skyscraper would be way less challenging than leading teenagers on overnight self-discovery backpacking trips in the wilderness.

You can either do it with me, or you can contribute to my fundraising goal of $1800 in support of Outward Bound California!

Any amount will help low income kids get outside to challenge themselves and discover that there is more in them than they realize. And it will pretty much force me to do something totally nuts. Have I mentioned Jess made me double check our insurance policy?

Outward Bound's mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery. Their experiential education programs in both wilderness and urban settings help people discover strength of character, an ability to lead, and a desire to serve.

Outward Bound California focuses on low-income populations that are traditionally excluded from the outdoors. Two in three of their students get full or partial scholarships to participate. Your contribution will be part of that. For more information, check out obca.org.



raised of $1,300 goal

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Good luck James. I wish I was there with you doing it.
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James.... Oh, James. Only you...
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Don't look down!