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GoGoGo! - raise > $10K = shaved head! I'll rappel 46 Floors in SF 12OCT

Mitch Morando

mitch morando

I'm scared of heights...... so....
what better way to bring out my inner 5 yr old than rappel 46 floors from the top of the Hilton San Francisco Union Square Fri 12OCT (yeah!)

This summer I participated in an Outward Bound alpine hiking course for 7 days (no phones, no showers, no booze) and it taught me a tremendous amount.
pics here:

Everyone should experience OB. Especially kids to remind us to continually ask ourselves, "Do we control technology, or does technology control us?"

100% of your donation supports Outward Bound and as a 401c3 is tax deductible. They provide many scholarships to kids + Vets. Most importantly, you'll get to see me (or a video of me) crying like a 5 year old who just dropped their Swensen's ice cream. It's not going to be pretty.

but i digress.

here's a video highlighting the event:

Team Morando has donated $1800 and our goal is to at least double that with your support.
If you work for a BigCo, you can get a match as well!!!!!

The OB record raised for an individual is $10K.

If we break $10K........... I'll shave my head.

that's how strongly I believe in the Outward Bound experience + teachings.


raised of $3,700 goal

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