Resilience Campaign

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We are facing challenges that most of us have not seen in our lifetimes. When this passes, and it will pass, those who have been independently solving problems and socializing through screen time will need a support system to rebuild the fabric of connection with their peers and in their schools.

We are asking our community to step into their role as a needed crew member. Together, we will buoy our 
programs and staff with compassion so we may continue to change the lives of our students through challenge and discovery. 

Our resilience relies on  four key things:
​Continue to provide 2/3 of our students with 
scholarship support to attend courses 

Retention of our field and program staff 
 to continue world-class programming

Resources to adapt our safety protocols,
educational model, and medical screening 
to meet evolving challenges ahead

Financial security to ensure we are 
 here to serve on the other side

Please make all checks payable to Outward Bound California.
Checks can be mailed to: Outward Bound California  -  P.O. Box 94129  - San Francisco, CA 94129


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