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Paul Danielsen

Paul Danielsen

Dearest Friends,

As most of you know I am a Board member of Outward Bound California. Since COVID 19 we have had to alter our fundraising strategy and have launched this virtual Rally for Resilience to personally challenge friends of OBCA to stretch out and help us raise the much needed funds to continue our programming in the years to come.

This has been a year of transition after transition after transition. So I decided this is the perfect time to reflect on the next stage of my life and create a challenge around that theme. Kirby and my motto was Onward and Upward! Given that, I have decided to expand the theme to Onward Upward and Outward!

My challenge will be to hike a new trail each day of the 2 week of the Rally! Outward Bounds logo is a compass....what is more appropriate than hiking in each and every direction possible as I begin to navigate my new path or trail of my new life. So help me realize my new chapter in life and help me find the right path to happiness and fulfillment! The Great Outdoors is perfectly captured in those two simple words...Nature is the healing soul of our planet and it is the mission of OBCA and given these trying times it is even more critical to get everyone back OUT in Nature!

So please join me in supporting my efforts to raise funds for an Outstanding organization that brings all walks of life but most importantly exposes young adolescences to the power of Nature and the Great Outdoors… and to the strength that lies within! Your contribution will go to the general scholarship funds enabling us to reach out to underserved communities and expose them to the Great Outdoors, and a lifetime of resilience.

Onward Upward and Outward!

Join me for Outward Bound California's 2020 Rally for Resilience!

Sincerely, Paul


I’m so pleased to share that the OBCA’s Ropes, the new ropes challenge course in McLaren Park is complete! This magnificent structure is a keystone in our work to break down barriers and increase access, particularly for students from under-resourced communities and those disproportionately affected by systemic racism, school closures, and lack of access to safe outdoor spaces. Your donation will support students attending the ropes course which is free of charge for almost all attending students, and help OBCA double the number of students they serve in California!


raised of $25,000 goal

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