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Join us October 16th-30th, 2020 

OBCA’s Rally for Resilience, a virtual two-week event from October 16th to the 30th, will bring Outward Bound California alumni, community members, and outdoor education enthusiasts together to raise critical funds for outdoor leadership programming. The OBCA community is a deep well of compassionate and driven individuals who believe in the power of outdoor experiences. And everyone, especially today’s youth, needs the healing, basic human need of equitable access to the outdoors. That’s why we want you to join the rally!


We know that being outdoors or pushing yourself to physical or mental limits is not possible or necessary for everyone, and that is why we have created this inclusive space for our community to show off their creativity, fill a deep need for restoration or yes, opt in to a new or challenging physical endeavor if that’s what you need right now. There are no limits to the ways you can rally to support our resilient youth. There’s really only one rule, bring yourself and give it all you’ve got. 


Each rally participant will choose their own personal challenge. What do we mean by that? Take a moment to think about what you really need right now to show up as a compassionate and resilient human. Should you meditate every day for 2 weeks to restore space for yourself? Run a half marathon, or draw every day? The challenge is up to you!


This is an inclusive event and creativity is highly encouraged. Together, we will be crowd fundraising from friends, family, neighbors, and fellow youth supporters. There is no fundraising minimum and you can start raising funds immediately after registering. We encourage our Ralliers to set a goal that is challenging, yet achievable for you. 


This is a virtual event that will take place between October 16th-30th. Plan to complete your personal challenge within that two-week window or, if your challenge will span multiple days or perhaps the full two weeks, begin on Oct. 16th!

All funds raised by Ralliers will support Ropes Course programs and attendance for students in OBCA’s partner schools. OBCA is working to break down barriers and increase access, particularly for students from under-resourced communities and those disproportionately affected by systemic racism, school closure, and lack of access to safe outdoor spaces. Our new ropes challenge course, built in partnership with San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, is in McLaren Park, located in one of the most under-resourced neighborhoods in San Francisco, will provide outdoor youth leadership training to students throughout the city. With this opportunity now within walking distance of many schools and almost all students attending free of charge, we will double the number of students we serve in California. 


We need our community to rally behind these resilient students who have faced unimaginable challenges in recent months. Together, we can support them in providing a safe, outdoor classroom where they will work together to build community after months of isolation and uncertainty.


Sign up! Register as a Rallier below and design your own personal challenge. We will be in touch soon after you register to get you started on setting your fundraising goal and getting your first donation. And we'll be with you cheerleading and troubleshooting along the way.


This is unlike any other event OBCA has ever hosted, and we’re so excited! We can’t wait to watch this community rally together, find connection, restore and create something powerful. Even in this virtual space, we can be #ResilientTogether. What will you rally for?