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Rally for Restoration, Community and Justice with me!

Erin Thacher

Erin Thacher

Wow, what a year. 

I know that my reserves of resilience have been depleted more than once and I have seen the same in my community. But my work with Outward Bound California has been a bright spot of hope that keeps me going forward. Even in the days when it is more difficult to take care of myself, I have found energy in knowing I am supporting the youth in our lives and cities that need to be uplifted even more as they are returning to school. 

Outward Bound California's Rally for Resilience is a virtual event where I have chosen my own challenge (details below) to give back to myself and my community while raising funds to support students attending OBCA's new ropes course in San Francisco, built in partnership with San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department. 

Growing up, outdoor education and experiential education was never a part of my curriculum and I can't think of a better way to pass on the value I've found in it as an adult than to pass on the opportunity and access to today's youth. Your support will enable equitable access to this awesome new facility, where OBCA will provide outdoor leadership training to youth right in their neighborhoods.

For my personal challenge taking place in the month of October, I have come up with three areas I will focus on:
-Beach and trail clean up every weekend in October.  
-Participate in an organized run or bike with other staff members of OBCA who are rallying on my team
Restoration: Personal routine love
-Yoga and cooking are two things I love that I have lost touch with the piling stressors.
-I commit to YOGA EVERY DAMN DAY because if I'm not taking care of myself, I'm not taking care of others.
-Limiting the number of times I opt for take out to one time a week to reignite some exploration in the kitchen.
-Texting and Mailing Postcards for voter registration support to fight voter suppression for the entire month of October - 20 hours.

How can you support me?
1. You can join my team and create or join me in my challenge! There is no fundraising minimum requirement so I would love for my community to join me. :) 
2. Share my page on social or with others you think might want to help to help me reach my goal. 
3. Donate! Any amount you can give during this time will be INCREDIBLE. Thank you!
4. Celebrate with me on October 30th! Yes, the event is ending a day early but we've got an election to prepare for, people.

I voted support 0:45 towards my goal!


I voted support 2:30 towards my goal!


I voted support 1:00 towards my goal!


I voted support 1:30 towards my goal!

I voted support 1:00 towards my goal!


I voted support 1:30 towards my goal!


I voted support 0:30 towards my goal!


20 postcards written! More coming up during the VP debate. What better time to encourage voters to get to the polls?

I voted support 2:00 towards my goal!

I voted support 1:30 towards my goal!

I voted support 3:45 towards my goal!


I made a calendar to track my daily yoga and hours supporting voter turnout!


My 31 days of daily yoga and cooking experiments starts today! Yoga, check. :D


raised of $700 goal

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