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Lindsay Blake

Lindsay Blake

Join me for Outward Bound California's 2020 Rally for Resilience!

For this event I'm creating my own self-care challenge. These past few months have become a bit sedentary. For the two weeks of the event I commit to moving my body for at least 20 minutes every day - a walk, yoga, kicking a soccer ball, doing squats and lunges at the playground, whatever! I'm so excited that this opportunity to do something for myself will allow me to show up as a more resilient and compassionate human being directly benefitting youth in San Francisco. With your support, all funds that I raise will support Ropes Course programs and attendance for students in OBCA’s partner schools. OBCA's new ropes challenge course, built in partnership with San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, is in McLaren Park, located in one of the most under-resourced neighborhoods in San Francisco, will provide outdoor youth leadership training to students right in their backyards.

OBCA is working to break down barriers and increase access, particularly for students from under-resourced communities and those disproportionately affected by systemic racism, school closures, and lack of access to safe outdoor spaces. Your donation will support students attending the ropes course which is free of charge for almost all attending students, and help OBCA double the number of students they serve in California!

This is unlike any other event OBCA has ever hosted! I can’t wait to watch this community rally together, find connection, restore and create something powerful. Everyone, especially today’s youth, needs the healing, basic human need for equitable access to the outdoors. That’s why I need your support!  

Any amount you can donate will help young people from economically vulnerable communities to get outside, challenge themselves, and discover that there is more in them than they realize. Even in this virtual space, we can be #ResilientTogether. What will YOU rally for?

Sincerely, Lindsay

Outward Bound California's FEIN is 26-4206241. Upon donating, you will be emailed a donation receipt for your record. To learn more, go to OBCA.org

Forest bathing hike with the kiddo after work/school. Feels like fall around here.


Lunch break walk today - felt great to get out in the midday sunshine!


Started off the challenge with a 20 minute yoga practice this morning! Great way to wake up and stretch.

I yogaed 0:20 towards my goal!


The challenge starts tomorrow! Making a plan of what activity I'm going to do first. Any guesses what it'll be...?


raised of $500 goal

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