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Thank you to Eva's Hike Supporters
Cloud Gear -  Cloud Gear's mission is to encourage more people to spend time outdoors by providing inspiring gear. We use the best modern technical fabrics, innovative designs, and expert craftmanship to create products you'll love to use!

Kula Cloth -  Kula Cloth® is the first of its kind - an intentionally (and obsessively) designed reusable antimicrobial pee cloth!

allmansright - We are a BIPOC owned, outdoor gear lab based in the Bronx, NY. Specializing in designing and making ultralight gear! Our name 'allmansright' is inspired by the Swedish Law "The Right to Public access", also known as, "Freedom to Roam". 

West Bound Gear - Westbound gear is a small operated shop run by one person, Eliza, with an occasional help from her partner, Shannon. As outdoor enthusiasts, we strive to sell products made for other backpackers and the hiking community. We're focused on making affordable outdoor gear accessories made for ultralight backpackers. All of our products are handmade in the Bay Area, CA. 

Dandee Packs - Born in Boston, MA, Dandee Packs is as small as they come. As a one man cottage company, I am dedicated to personally handcrafting every item that leaves my tiny basement shop with attention and care.

Enlightened Equipment - We’re driven by a passion for making great gear that goes wherever you go. Our philosophy is to be smarter and lighter, eliminating useless extra features so you only carry what you need. We tirelessly test and update our designs to make them the best and lightest they can be.

Croakies - When it came to this ingenious Neoprene eyewear retainer, the name stuck. Now, over 40 years later, Croakies® has become one of the most recognized brand names on the planet, continuing to deliver best in class products to save your eyewear in style across the widest range of conditions.

Kahtoola - Our Mission: Make the outdoors more accessible and rewarding by building exceptional products. Based in Flagstaff, AZ, high on the Colorado Plateau, with access to a wide range of outdoor activities and some of the most iconic landscapes in the U.S., Kahtoola (käh-too-lä), which means “directly” in Tibetan, is ideally situated to design and test outdoor gear.

Atom Packs -In developing this range, I had packs being tested on Glaciers in NZ, on 10,000 miles of thru hikes in the US and on the backs of some of the most hungry climbers I know and the number one bit of feedback that I get is “Damn, this thing is tough”

Space Bear Bags - Space Bear Bags is a small, homegrown outdoor gear company based in San Diego that started with a desire to make custom, lightweight hiking gear with a fun flair.

Xero Shoes - Our goal: provide a great product, at a great price, with great customer support so that more and more people can Feel the Freedom, Feel the Fun, and Feel the World®!

Ceileathletics - in 2020, over 80% of our caps were using between 30% and 100% repreve recycled polyester from unifi. repreve is the world’s leading, branded recycled fiber. traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable, repreve ensures high-quality fibers are made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer water bottles and pre-consumer waste. for every 1lb of repreve polyester yarn, 24,000 BTUs are conserved, equivalent to 0.2 gallons of gasoline.