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Eva Johnson

Eva Johnson

Hello friends, family, Outward Bound folks, and LGBTQ+ community members! Thank you for landing on my fundraiser page. This year I’m hiking 2,660 miles to make it possible for queer-identifying teens to participate in Outward Bound California’s LGBTQ+ course.

On July 1st, 2021, I embark on the biggest thing I’ve ever attempted: walking from Canada to Mexico via the Pacific Crest Trail. Why would I hike for 6 months straight, you might ask? Outward Bound started it.

I began working for Outward Bound as a field intern in the Colorado Rockies 6 years ago. This is when I instructed my first middle school backpacking course and learned how transformative an Outward Bound education can be. Witnessing my students learn to lead, embrace teamwork, access their vulnerabilities, and step into more confident versions of themselves taught me the importance of a good challenge. Through the struggles and discomforts that come with backpacking, we persevered as a group and had thoughtful and unexpected conversations about individuality, identity, and happiness along the way.

Outward Bound knows that self-discovery starts with a good challenge. Students are pushed to find their edge, and learn that’s where growth takes place. I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail because I’m ready to get reacquainted with my growth edge, knowing that if I get there I’m bound to learn something!

I strongly identify with two things: my outdoorsy-ness and my queerness. I believe that the outdoors is one of the safest spaces to fully be myself. I find that the outdoors is a place for healing, and an environment to feel empowered and autonomous. In a world that has, for all of time, discriminated against the LGBTQ+ community, it is especially important to hold safe, affirming spaces like this LGBTQ+ course. I can’t imagine how this course would have impacted my life if it existed when I was a teen!

So please, join my basecamp crew with a gift that feels right for you. Funds may also be allocated to travel stipends, partial scholarships, or LGBTQ+ students on other/future OBCA courses, based on student need.

I consider this hike to be an absolute privilege. Not everyone can afford the time off as well as the high cost of gear and travel expenses. Examining my own situation as a white, educated, able-bodied, queer person electing to skip town and go on a long hike, I realize that I have an opportunity to use this time to help make the outdoors more accessible for others. Hence this fundraiser!

Revisit this page for updates on my journey, and follow me on Instagram @ wild.inqueeries. Please share these links with your communities.

Thank you, and happy trails!


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