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Emma Rapp

Emma Rapp

Birthday Wish! At it again. This time I'm gonna shine the spotlight on one of my favorite programs - our LGBTQ+ full scholarship expedition for youth. We have run this program for a number of years with a few scholarships available but are going to do our first fully scholarshipped crew (10 students for 14 days) next summer. The reactions from students and their families are so powerful.

Especially after the last 2 school years - students need time together to build back confidence and resilience. It is so much more critical that those spaces feel safe for them to be their whole selves in a cohort of young people experiencing the same identity challenges and joys right along side them. And with instructors who have been there themselves. 

Any amount you can donate will help young people from low income communities get outside and empower them to be change agents back home. Thank you for giving to my Birthday Wish again this year!

Sincerely, Emma

Outward Bound California's FEIN is 26-4206241. Upon donating, you will be emailed a donation receipt for your record. To learn more, go to OBCA.org


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